Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mama's Day Out

Assalamualaikum & hye everyone...*wink*

Today, 1st Nov, is my first day working at as an editorial executive...Well, that term seems too big for people like me, who maybe do not deserve this position at the moment (arrghhhh...i started it again though people around me hate when im saying this), i clarifiy myself as a sub editor only...Then, i will only relieve to do work, and keep on working for my life...And as far as im here till lunch hour, everyone welcomed me...Thanx guys, im so glad to be here...=)

Yesterday was not my day, but my mom's day...My Mama's Day Out...A trip sponsored by me to IKEA seems brought happy face to my mom...She was so excited looking at the home furnishing if Kluang doesnt have one..(surely, IKEA only in KL)...As what my lover told me, my mom was so happy like my first time went to IKEA...hehe..

actually, my mom's hobby is decorating the house esp on plants outside at the yard..inside, for sure, she wants the best for her home sweet home...But yet, she dont get the her best time&house to decorate since my family living in a rent house...Poor mom, but dun wori...You'll get what u want, when I provide for u&dad a house...beautiful & peacefully lived...

But still, she did not waste any sigle of her money & time to at least grab few things to be brougt back to least, show some prove to my dad then she want this and that whenever they drop KL next time...

After that, IKEA was not just the place for yesterday, plus she went also to SOGO, her favourite shopping spot ever...she said she wanted to have shoes....again!!...huhu...last time, she bought shoes only a month before...and now she want it again!! usual....

But overall, two days hanging out wif mama brought me to some other phases in life...which is being a woman! a woman,physically and wanna make it totally!Not just a woman, but a daughter to ma&bah,a sister to lil bro&sis and a best companion for him...and of course, being a humble&obedient person to Him, up above!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My hari raya was superb!

well...this is not my first time blogging. But the desire to write and write, will never end as long as i use my brain to think of all kind of matters and issues and one thing for sure, Nabilah Saleh wont stop being a story teller till end of her life...haha, gossipping is such a great theraphy nowadays..especially gosipping with my mom..hehe..Love ya, mama!

As i mention in the tittle above, i had so much taking candid pics during raya ofthe whole big famili at my mom&dad's side. As usual, i cant wait to see all of the cuties and babes at kampung...Mimi, Kiki (gedik ha, kena panggil dia Mila sekarang..macam2), Syahmi, Nabil (my kembar...), twins, fiqah&tirah...and semua,lets have a look...ohhhh,its up there...hehe...And not forgetting to tell u all, our theme for this Hari Raya was green in colour...hehe..chow~!